Point of Sale and Retail Units

After a display unit for point of sale?  Point of Sale display units are a great way to upsell customers with impulse buys and can be a great tool for improving brand awareness as they look around waiting in a queue.

We can print a variety of products to help you promote products at this important stage in the buying process including:

  • Cluster Pack sleeves or systems also known as multipacks, these are used to group multiple products (usually bottles) an can be great for branding as well as practical for carrying multiple items
  • Counter Display Units (CDU) €“ these are placed close to eye level at the point of purchase to maximise product visibility.
  • Dump Bins €“ A great way of generating last minute purchases from customers or for clearance products, they are open display containers that sit on the shop floor and are usually filled with relatively small, loose products
  • Free-standing display units (FSDU) €“ eye catching displays are great for maximising brand impact and can be used throughout a store
  • Gift Packaging €“ used to add value and create a product that will stand out on the shelf for busy consumers
  • Hanging Displays €“ eye catching overhead displays are a great way to get consumers attention and promote particular product
  • Pop Up Displays €“ also known as instore theatres, these are great not just in a retail environment but also at marketing events to attract consumer attention and drive awareness and sales
  • Standees €“ this is a self-standing display, quite large and could be used to promote a specific product or even an event
  • Totem Displays €“ these are free standing lightweight displays used to really grab consumers attention with eye catching graphics and products
  • Wobblers €“ these are affixed to an item/shelf and wobble to get a consumers attention

There are a number of other alternatives including strut cards, pop up counters, leaflet dispensers, lightboxes which we can help with.

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